Tesla Nano 120w – box-mod raises the resistance of 0.05 Ohm

The company Teslacigs has released a device in the style of steampunk. As you can see from the photos, the appearance of box-fashion is unusual, textured, has deep engraving, varnished, with these gears, toggle switches, screws, it stands out from the total mass of the devices for wicking.



Nano comes in a box with color, technical specifications, scratch code to check originality and other infa. 
In the box there is a detailed manual on a large number of languages, there is also in Russian, the box itself, a warning card stating that the batteries should be used in the device with the right braid.



Device Overview

The fashion looks simply awesome, it is beautiful and stylized, the appearance will definitely find its viper. As the manufacturer assures, the device is made of a zinc alloy. However, reviews of the boxing fashion in question suggest that it is made of brass. The main thing is that the metal and this weighty piece of iron for 120 watts.

From the top there is a steel connector and spring-loaded steel pin, which has a long stroke and such drips as Battle Deck will normally settle on the landing. Connector part allows you to place atomizers with a diameter of 25 mm, nothing will hang.

the atomic

Height – 90 mm 
Width -55 mm 
Thickness -25 mm 
Weight with / without batteries – 340/250 g.


Tesla Steampunk Nano is made of zinc alloy and is presented in four color images: copper, brass, black, steel. 
On the front side there are: fire button, switch from working state to disabled On / Off, OLED display, which is recessed, has a diagonal of 0.91 inches, buttons “+” and “-“. 
The fire button is chrome-plated, big, click is distinct, but it’s only jarring if Tesla Nano is shaken.

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A characteristic feature of the Tesla Nano 120w is the “On” / “Off” switch. He took the switch to the side and the box started to work, the other turned it off. The switch is used to turn the box on and off and is not connected to control, button locking, or hibernation.

The screen is quite readable and informative, everything is clearly displayed. Buttons “+” and “-” with a distinct click, the move is tight and pleasant.

At the bottom of the battery compartment and cover. Unfortunately, one of the main drawbacks of the Tesla Nano 120w is the hinged hinged lid, which in this case has a weak latch, the lid with batteries can open spontaneously. With the battery, the lid starts to bulge for a third of a millimeter. The battery compartment does not cause any complaints, but the manufacturer obviously did not finish the lid. There are gas vents in the cover.

The company-manufacturer strongly recommends the use of box-fashion batteries with a current output of at least 30 A.

The Tesla Nano 120w does not have a microUSB port. Accordingly, you can not flash or charge the box. It is not worth it to stand out as a characteristic minus, well, you can not charge it through a USB device – it will be more intact, do not burn it, and you do not need to reflash the board, it works fine. Here’s the work of the motherboard and go.

Technical specifications

Uout: 7 to 120 volts 
Umax: 9 V 
I out: 35 A 
Modes: KA / TC-Ti / TC-Ni200 / TC-SS316 / TCR mode 
Taste Mode: Norm / Soft / Hard / User 
Memory Function: M1 / ​​M2 / M3 
R: 0.1 to 3.0 Ω in VW mode, from 0.05 to 1.0 Ω in the TK 
T mode : (limits) TK: from 200 to 600 – ° F / 100 to 315 ° C.

When the switch is moved to the “off” position, the Teslacigs logo appears on the display. 
The mode is KANT, i.e. the varivatta regime. With this mode, resistance is displayed on the screen. Three times on the fire allows you to select the desired parameter to subsequently adjust it with the buttons “+” and 
“-“. In the varivatt mode, the resistance is added in steps of 0.05 ohms. 
The preheating mode of the helix provides four presets: NORM (standard), SOFT (soft), HARD (hard), USER (user). 
The memory mode is called the “M” symbol, the display is located on the right at the bottom. Four power-mode modes can be saved. 
In addition to the varivatta mode, one can choose cantalum, steel 316, Ni200, Titan, TCR.
If you simultaneously press “Fire” and “-“, you can lock the power in the varivatta and the temperature in the thermal control mode.


Cons and pros

– the battery compartment cover has a bad latch, it can open itself spontaneously, 
– scratches on the paint coat remain after the screwing on the atomisers after winding up, and this can lead to scratches on the case, – 
not very fast power regulation, 0.5W step at Pressing the “+” or “-” button, the 
atomizer part when it winds on the connector becomes so that the air ducts are aimed at the hand, but this is purely IMHO. 
-ordinary design will allocate you from the crowd, 
– a monolithic case inspires strength and durability and treats the task as a “non-slaughtered” device, 
– an intuitive operation of the board, even a beginner will understand.

General impressions

The lid yes, let it down, you can pull some wap-band, so God forbid in rainy weather from the device as from the gun dropped the battery directly into the puddle. Slightly scratches the connector part and all! The appearance and operation of the board at the Tesla Nano 120w is just at the height. The fire button is convenient for pressing. The boards from Teslacigs were previously famous for their trouble-free operation. The board works clearly, there is an opportunity to adjust the preheating curve of the spirals.



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