Smok T-Priv Kit Review


First thing I noticed when I open the box was the color and the quality of the paint. My mod is a beautiful orange and the paint seems to be really well done. I’ve never had an orange mod before so I’m really glad that I got this color. Typical Smok packaging, we have a two-tiered box with the mod on the top tier and the tank on the second tier. On the same level as the tank, you have all the spares and the coils as well.


    • One Smok T PRIV 220W TC Box Mod
    • One Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank
    • One V8 Baby T8 Coil Head
    • One V8 Baby Q2 Coil Head
    • Two Vape Bands
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Replacement Parts and Glass
    • User Manual

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

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No surprises here with the 510 pin. We have a stainless steel connection and threading as well as a gold plated pin. The pin is the same as we have come to expect from most Smok mods. It is firm yet springy with a very decent throw to it. Overall, Smok always uses a quality 510 pin and I definitely commend them for that. In the corner of the top platform, you will also see two-star screws that hold the top plate in place.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

Also on the top platform, there is a square OLED screen. Again, nothing new here, it’s a typical Smok screen that will show you the wattage, mode, battery life, ohms, preheat, volts, and a puff counter. Smok has always laid out their screens beautifully and the T-Priv is no exception. It is very well done and can be seen in most lighting conditions. It does get a little dark when using it outdoors in direct sunlight but it is still readable.

Right below the screen, on the skinny side of the mod that is opposite the firing bar, you will find the plus and minus buttons. They are of a weird shape and located very high on the mod. It’s almost like an offset square but the buttons are rocker style and the squares are sort of connected in the middle. They are clicky and tactile but to be honest, for the size of this mod, they are rather small. They do work very well and they are discreetly placed. For the most part, they are out of the way but on a mod this size. I would have preferred them to be bigger.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

On the opposite side of the plus minus button location, we have the firing bar. My firing bar is black and it contrasts very well with the overall color of the mod. This may be the most solid firing bar Smok has ever produced. There is absolutely no wiggle or rattle to it at all. You can fire it really low on the bar without putting a lot of pressure on it and it is extremely clicky and responsive. I think this firing bar actually makes the T- Priv. It is just extremely well done.

On the sides of the mod, you have these sort of cut outs with a white background behind them. These cutouts light up in 9 different color configurations. They also have different styles that they can display in like normal, fade, and jump. You also have the option of having the lights always on, just on when the screen is on, or just on while vaping. If you choose to do so you can also turn them completely off. I’ve never been one that was into big flashing lights. I really prefer not to call attention to my vaping but I guess there are vapers out there that really do enjoy this type of mod. If you are the light-show type of vaper, then the T-Priv will definitely light up your vape life.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

The battery door is one of those push-down-and-slide-out ones. It is well done and the contacts on the interior of the battery door are button style and gold plated. There are clear battery orientation markings on the battery door as well as inside the tubes. Inside the battery tubes, you will see two spring-loaded battery contacts. Definitely, one of the better battery doors I have seen. When the mod is closed, there is no battery door or battery rattle at all. The door stays shut very securely at all times.

Located high on the side of the mod right below the screen, you have the charge update port. The T-Priv is firmware upgradeable but I could not find any information concerning what amperage it charges at. I would say that I don’t think it charges at 2 amps because I have tried to charge it from dead to full and it does take quite a while to accomplish a full charge. Not a big deal since we always recommend that you charge dual batteries externally anyway. It is a nice feature to have when you are on the go but we do not recommend that you use this feature on a regular basis. Charge externally, it’s just safer.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

The T-Priv is available in plenty of colors. So far, I have seen pink, green, white, orange, black, red, rainbow, gold, silver, purple, and dark blue. If past history is any indication about how Smok does things, then I’m sure there are going to be more colors available in the near future as well. So far, all of the color combinations I have seen also have a contrasting firing bar.


In this kit, you will also receive the legendary TFV8 Big Baby Beast tank. I am actually quite partial to the Baby Beast line of tanks. I find them to be extremely flavorful as well as cloudy. I also love the choices that you have with the coil family that Smok provides for them.

The Big Baby Beast provided in this kit is color matched beautifully to the mod. However, for some reason, the paint on the tank does not seem to be nearly as durable as the paint on the mod. The paint on my tank has been wearing off around the edges of the top cap as well as the edges of the base. I find this pretty curious because I have not dropped this mod and tank combination at all. This setup has been babied and yet the paint still seems to be coming off my tank. It’s not that big of a deal or a deal breaker in itself but I definitely need to mention it because it is disappointing considering how durable the mod paint has proven to be.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

Of course, like all Baby Beast tanks, we do have a proprietary wide bore drip tip and the top cap is a swing out style, top fill. Slide the top cap to the side and swing it out to be able to fill up your tank with juice. There is a white gasket surrounding the fill port and the fill port will accommodate most needlenose types of juice bottles. Once you’re done filling, simply swing the top cap back into place and push down to secure it.

This is a dual bottom airflow tank so whatever you adjust on one side of the airflow will happen on the other side. The action on the airflow is nice and smooth and it does have stoppers on both ends. The airflow wide open is for DL hitters. Even when you cut the airflow down severely, this is just not a MTL tank. DL vapers only.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

The interior of the base is a screw-in type of coil system and as I mentioned before, there is an absolute plethora of coils available for this series of tank. On the bottom of the base, there is some branding by Smok as well as a stainless steel 510 pin. The threading on the 510 pin is nice and smooth and while I have not run this particular tank on a lot of other mods because of the color limitations, I have run all of my other Baby Beast line of tanks on other mods and they have sat flush on all of my other mods.


In this particular kit, Smok will include two coils with your purchase. You will receive the .15 ohm T8 coil head as well as the .4 ohm Q2 coil head. Both coils are very flavorful and I will go over them in detail right now.

The T8 coil head is a .15 ohm quadruple coil that is rated from 50 to 100 Watts. The recommended range for this coil is from 60 to 80 Watts. I like running this coil somewhere right in the middle but definitely below the 70-watt range. I find it most flavorful at around 68 Watts. I find when I pop this coil up over 70 watts, I do tend to get a slightly burnt taste. To be fair, it may be the juice that I’m using that is causing this and the fact that I do chain vape.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

I really like the Q2 coil. It ohms out at .4 and it is a dual coil that is rated from 40 to 80 watts. Smok recommends that you run this coil between 55 and 65 Watts. My sweet spot for this coil is between 55 and 60 watts. I just love the flavor that I get and the clouds are fantastic as well.

Both coils are absolutely excellent coils that will provide you a satisfying and cloudy vape. If I had to pick between the two, I do prefer the flavor on the .4 ohm Q2 coil head better. It just seems to fit my style of vaping. That’s not to say that the T8 coil head is bad at all because it is not. It is a very flavorful coil and an extremely cloudy coil as well. Either way, you can’t go wrong with either one of these coils, it just really comes down to preference and your style of vaping.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review


I like the look and feel of this mod. I think it’s an extremely complete, competent kit that is very well matched. By well-matched, I mean Smok did an excellent job of color coordinating the tank to the mod. The colors are an exact match and they are not off in the least bit. In the past, I have received other kits from Smok and other companies where the tank just did not quite match the mod. As far as the feel goes, it’s a very square mod with nicely rounded edges. I like the texture that the cutouts provide and it definitely helps when gripping the mod. As I said earlier, this is probably Smok’s best firing bar to date and the feel in the hand while vaping is just phenomenal.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

As far as the whole light show thing goes, most of you know that I have never really been into those types of mods. I know a lot of vapers like to flash those lights while they’re vaping but it is never really been my thing. All that being said I will say that it was kind of cool to use this mod in some of the clubs I visited while I was in Miami. It definitely goes with that club style mood when you are at the bar having a drink. I love the color of the mod and I think the paint quality, especially for Smok, is a huge step in the right direction. While the tank did start to chip, the mod has held up extremely well. I know a lot of people kill Smok for the paint issues that they had on some of their Alien mods but I can honestly tell you that the paint on this mod is definitely of much higher quality. I have used this mod a lot and even the bottom where the battery door is has not gotten dinged up or scratched as of yet. This is definitely a high quality, durable paint job.


The board used in the T Priv is a typical Smok board that we have all seen before with all the typical Smok problems. It’s a great power mode chip but the TC on this mod and most Smok mods is just terrible. This is really the one area that this company is severely lacking in and they really need to start stepping up their game. I mean, if other companies can make a chipset for under $60 that does an awesome job in TC, there is really no reason in the world why Smok cannot do the same.

Smok, you guys really need to get on your horse and start fixing your TC because personally I’m really getting sick of giving your mods good reviews but always failing them in the TC department. It’s just ponderous! Your company really needs to take the reins and take a serious look at this issue that you guys have on this side of the vaping market. Just like Wismec seems to refuse to listen to its customer base when it comes to their crappy 510’s, it seems like Smok has the same issue when it comes to their TC.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review

One thing I have always liked about this board is the preheat options Smok gives you. I find it extremely useful when I am running those huge flat wire coils that need a little bump to get going. I also love using soft mode when I am vaping under 50 watts. Preheat modes on this mod are Normal, Soft, and Hard.


Nothing new with the menu system as well. All typical Smok menu that we have all seen before if you have ever owned any Smok mods before.

  • 5 clicks turns it on
  • Once it is on, 5 clicks locks it, 5 clicks unlocks it
  • 3 Clicks gets you into the menu system
  • In the menu system, a long click makes your selection or you can use the +/- buttons
  • Menu settings include Mode, Puffs, Settings, and Power

Overall, it is just a simple intuitive menu system that Smok has become very famous for. There are no surprises here and it’s probably one of the things that endear Smok to most of its customer base. Love the consistency of their menu system across their line of mods.

Smok T-Priv Kit Review


The Smok T-Priv will provide you with a very satisfying power mode vape. As always, with Smok, the TC is a different story and it is just barely passable as a TC mod. The thing that really makes this kit awesome is the tank that Smok decided to pair with this mod. The tank and its family of coils definitely makes up for a lot of the issues that this mod has in TC mode. Mainly because all of the coils in the lineup for the Baby Beast tank have to be run in power mode. Who knows, that may be by design because they know the TC on their mods is janky. Whether it is or not, you will definitely find yourself getting a high quality, cloudy vape in power mode with this kit.

Right now, I am vaping on the .15 ohm coil in power mode at 60 watts with the preheat set at normal. I am getting a dense, cloudy, flavorful vape. It’s just a fantastic experience in power mode. I have come to expect nothing less from BBB line of tanks.


If you like lights, quality paint, awesome power mode, great preheat options, a legendary tank, and a fantastically done fire bar, then you should definitely put the Smok T-Priv Kit on your list. It checks all the boxes in those categories. It will give you a great power mode vape and it will look fantastic while doing it. If you’re into TC, then I have to say that you will have to give this kit a pass because it just cannot keep up with the big boys when it comes to TC mode. I do like the design of the mod and the overall look and feel. It is a quality built mod with Smok’s best firing bar yet. Definitely one of the better kits at this price point and in its subcategory. While I cannot recommend it for TC vapers, I can recommend this mod for people who vape in power mode only. If that’s the type of vaper you are, you will get a very good user experience from this kit. DeucesJack approved but only for the power mode vapers out there. TC vapers, stay away. Be sure to check out our Vape Wild coupons page for deals such as free ejuice, free shipping, discounts and more.

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A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • High quality, durable paint
  • Great job color matching the tank and mod
  • Legendary tank
  • Best firing bar to date
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Lights
  • Ability to turn lights off
  • Looks
  • Complete kit, all you need is batteries and juice
  • Accurate in power mode
  • Screen layout
  • Coil family
  • Overall vape quality
  • Smooth airflow
  • Flavor
  • Proprietary drip tip
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Paint on the tank is starting to chip
  • TC is just a joke already

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