Review VooPoo Rimfire RTA. First look


This article will discuss a new representative of non-spill tanks called Rimfire RTA from the Chinese company VooPoo .

The manufacturer of vaping devices VooPoo quite vigorously entered the vaping market with its box mod DRAG 157W . The device at the time of its release almost immediately became a bestseller and to this day is very popular.

Later, the company V ooPoo has released a decent number of different devices, but none of them have been able to successfully compete with the aforementioned DRAG 157W.

Today’s novelty, by the way, is also unlikely to be in demand, but the manufacturer has not left it without interesting solutions.


Rimfire RTA is a very sophisticated and curious tank, which has the most modern technologies in the production of devices of this format.

The device is available in four colors, and its diameter is an impressive 30 mm. The landing of the 810th drip types is supported, which is logical, and a colorful epoxy mouthpiece will be supplied with the tank.

Blowing adjustment VooPoo Rimfire RTA

Judging by the images presented on the manufacturer’s website, it can be assumed that in Rimfire RTA it was possible to realize the adjustment of the fluid supply to the evaporation chamber.

But what is obvious is the presence of the upper air intake, which automatically turns the device into a non-spillway. This type of tanks recently gaining popularity.

Airflow VooPoo Rimfire RTA

The air flow taken from above rushes down along the inner walls of the evaporation chamber, which, by the way, has a double dome, and then enters the spiral simultaneously from both sides, blowing the winding as abundantly as possible.

For adjustment of the tightening, as expected, meets a special ring in the upper part of the device.

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Refueling VooPoo Rimfire RTA

Rimfire RTA refueling is done in a typical way: through the top cover. The latter has not the usual threaded connection, but a bayonet one, which fixes the refueling cap in its place with the help of such locks.

A 5 ml of liquid fits into the tank when the glass is set on the “potbella”, but there is also a version for the European market with a capacity of only 2 ml and a regular flask.

Base VooPoo Rimfire RTA

As a base for their product, the guys from VooPoo chose a braid-free version with the ability to install both two and one helix. In the case of the last option, you will have to use something really “fat” because of the size of the evaporation chamber itself.

Technical specifications VooPoo Rimfire RTA

  • Height: 46.3 mm
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Spaciousness: 5 ml
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Upper air intake
  • One / two helix

Now It’s Available :Voopoo Rimfire RTA 5ml

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