Review of boxing fashion Tesla Terminator Starter Kit


Terminator is a new device from the company Teslacig, which is known for its simple and high-quality mods. In this boxing fashion, the manufacturer improved technical characteristics, relative to its predecessors, and offered the vamps a compact, productive and stylish looking electronic cigarette.

There is a Terminator Kit from the battery pack itself, as well as drums of the Antman 22. In addition, Teslacig plans a kit of a mod and a cliromiser with the same name, but it has not yet gone on sale.

The Terminator Starter Kit is compared to the iJust S from Eleaf. In general, this comparison is correct, since the modes are similar in principle to the action and dimensions, but the Terminator has several advantages. First, it is more powerful, and secondly it works on removable batteries and has an officially confirmed function of a pastr with some features, which need to be told in more detail.


Terminator looks very stylish due to the relief patterns on the battery compartment lid, which allow the device to not slide in the hand, as well as stylized air vents on both sides. The body is made of zinc alloy and very light – 106 grams of mod and 26.5 g of drip. Dimensions without an atomizer are 80 x 36.5 x 22 mm, so the Terminator perfectly fits in your hand and can even come up for an inconspicuous floating, but with some reservations.

There are four colors to choose from: silver, red-black, steel and black. The build quality of the mod is good, but as it often happens in Teslacig, it depends on the particular instance. Most mods do not have any serious flaws, but there are reports of backlash, tumbling magnets in the battery compartment and so on. Most likely, it’s just a marriage of the first batch – something like this company happens.


Terminator is a semi-modem, that is, a mechanical mode with a board. It does not assume any settings, the power value varies depending on the installed evaporator (winding) and the battery charge. The higher the battery reserve and the lower the resistance – the more “fry” the mod. With a drop in charge, the evaporation changes accordingly. The maximum power is 90 watts, and it’s really in vogue – the board works perfectly and undergoes any checks.


Nominally Terminator maintains a minimum resistance of up to 0.1 ohms. However, the steamers note that the mod also works with windings 0.07 Ohm. Operate the device in this mode is not recommended, but the possibility is there. Lower impedances are blocked by the protection of the mod.

Due to the width of the device of 22 mm on Terminator it is recommended to install only atomizers with a diameter of up to 22 mm. Large clerks and drips will be “hanging” over the body.


The Terminator has one removable 18650 battery. Batteries with a current rating of 30 amps are recommended. You can charge the battery both inside the modem via the USB port and in a separate charger.

A special feature of Terminator is the officially stated mode of the paste, which allows you to soar and charge at the same time. This is a great rarity for modern devices. At the same time, the paste is realized interestingly – during the tightening of the mod stops charging, and immediately after it – resumes. This approach will avoid the degradation of the battery due to the difference in the output and the resulting current, so the battery will last longer.

The battery compartment closes on the paired magnets, therefore it will be elementary to change the battery. The manufacturer claims that the minimum battery voltage is 3.2 V, but some steamers note that the threshold is still 3.35 V. In any case, the difference is not so great for a fashion that can safely soar from the outlet at least round the clock. The USB port is located on the side, so do not interfere with the device.

Charging speed is increased – 2 A, therefore Terminator is charged faster than analogs. The mode charge is reported by means of a light-emitting diode that glows blue when the battery voltage is between 3.7 and 4.2 V, and red when it is in the range 3 – 3.7 V. The Terminator indicates a rapid discharge by a flashing red LED.


Steel 510 connector with brass spring-loaded and adjustable pin.


The device has a full set of protectors:

  • from short circuit;
  • from recharge / overdischarge;
  • from high / low resistance;
  • from high / low voltage;
  • from overheating of the evaporator (cut-off at the 12th second);
  • from incorrect installation of the accumulator;
  • from the installation of a battery with a low recoil current;
  • Vent holes to drain gases from the battery.


With Terminator, the Antman 22 drip comes complete. It is a modern steel atomizer with Velocity-like stands, which are easy to install two spirals. Racks have four holes with a diameter of 2 mm and side screws. The possibilities of working with only one spiral in the drip are not present. Screws for racks are small enough and thin, so you can easily break the thread.

Antman 22 has a depth of the bath 4 mm, so there is not much liquid in it. Refueling can be done or removing the top-cap, or through the opening of the duct, which in the drizzle is wide enough. However, it has a grid to protect against splashing, so to refuel through the air duct, it must be removed beforehand. The stooges recommend this, because, according to them, this protection “steals” the taste.

The Antman has a lower fixed airflow and a lateral adjustable. On both sides there are three holes that can be opened and closed. This is done by turning the top-cap, which is attached to one o-ring – because of this, the cover does not sit as tightly. The lateral blowing is placed too high, so it is more upper than side – this also has a negative effect on the taste of the steam. The drip skirt has notches, so that it can only be installed “correctly” – by blowing holes to the spirals.

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Drip-type in the Antman 22 is worn on top of the 510 connector, which makes the ducts wide. If desired, you can install your mouthpiece, but it will not look as elegant as a regular one.

From the minuses drifts vaepers note the fineness of the metal – it quickly heats up and starts to burn.


To turn the Terminator on and off, you need to click the Fire button five times. There are no additional adjustments. If a battery with a too low current output is installed, the LED will flash blue.


  • Dimensions of fashion: 80 x 36.5 x 22 mm
  • Dimensions mod with atomizer: 116 x 36.5 x 22 mm
  • Weight without battery: 105 g
  • Weight with battery: 150 g


  • Connector: 510 connector (spring-loaded brass adjustable pin)
  • Battery type: removable 18650 battery with recoil current from 30 A
  • Supported resistance: 0.1 Ω
  • Maximum Operating Power: 90W
  • Output voltage: 3 – 4.2 V
  • Minimum battery voltage: 3.2 V
  • Maximum charging current: 2 A


Terminator comes in this kit:

  • battery pack Terminator;
  • drivel Antman 22;
  • Japanese cotton;
  • screwdriver;
  • spare o-rings;
  • two ready-made spirals;
  • spare screws;
  • instructions;
  • proprietary packaging.

Feedback and experience

Terminator Kit is an interesting set of powerful half-mahogany with a removable battery and drips. The main advantage of this whale in a removable battery, because usually in this segment, manufacturers offer a built-in battery. In this Terminator can safely soar from the outlet – for a motorist or a homebody, this opens up almost unlimited use. A simple and powerful Mehmod with a board will allow beginners to experience all the advantages of full-scale mehmodas and drips without unnecessary “problems”.

Box-mod has good assembly, compact dimensions and an excellent appearance. The kit produces a lot of steam and can compete for the first place in steam generation in its class. A solid set in its complete set is quite inexpensive – 1900 – 3200 rubles. But to get all 90 watts you will also need a quality battery that will make the device a little more expensive – about 800 rubles plus the price.


Now It’s Available Here: Tesla Terminator Kit

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