Online video media: Weapons N’ Roses Guitar performer Disk jockey Ashba Tiffs With Male Who Isn’t going to Like His Vape

Naturally, this is from Dailymotion so for anyone we know this could be some random gentleman instead of actually DJ Ashba. But here’s how it happened:
Disk jockey Ashba was at Planet Hollywood in Vegas to view Romeo Santos perform when another live show participant hated the steam. Disk jockey Ashba reported “What are you going to do over it, companion? Inches  which provoked the other person with the exceptional girlfriend to address him.
If they were all escorted out by safety measures, Las Vegas Nevada Neighborhood PD decided that Disc jockey Ashba was the individual who obtained attacked as well as man along with his sweetheart were being cited for battery.
DJ Ashba is just another other possible stars seen vaping lately. Just lately Shia LaBeouf was identified esmoking in Chicago and some weeks back again we found the Leonardo DiCaprio was vaping with young ladies for a confidential seashore. But Ashba stands out as the first to shield esmoking regarding his fists.

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