Limitless 24 by IJOY & Limitless Mod – now drip

I do not even remember the last time I met the names of the company Limitless Mod and IJOY separately. The number of common devices gives reason to believe that these manufacturers are set to long-term cooperation, and will continue to release new products. What we will talk about today is different from what we have seen from them before. If before that we have seen mostly tanks, now let’s talk about dripke, and this is already the competence of the Limitless Mod . Let’s see what Limitless 24 is like and whether it can be called a real American drip, albeit with a Chinese admixture 🙂

Limitless 24 by IJOY & Limitless Mod

No one can blame Limitless Modin bad device design. Personally, I, on the type of their products, there are only positive emotions. The novelty is no exception, in both possible variations it looks like a harsh, steel machine for steam. One version of a bit of pathos adds a flip cover, which rests on tiny magnets. And beautiful, and functional!

Limitless 24 by IJOY & Limitless Mod

Specifications :

I think most of you are most interested in what constitutes a drip under the lid. I would not say that the buyer is offered something radically new, but there are still a couple of interesting details. This mainly applies to racks.

Limitless 24 by IJOY & Limitless Mod

At first glance – this is the usual Velocity – racks. This is almost the case, but with a few modifications. The top screw twists from above, and bottom from the side. I have to admit that this will add convenience. In addition, the interest is the material of the screws. According to the manufacturer, titanium is used, which should ensure the durability of the screws.

Focus On For More Vape Tank.

Lovers of precious metals, this dripka can please. According to the manufacturer, the entire base is covered with gilding, which should ensure good conductivity. Well, a good bluff, of course 🙂

Limitless 24 by IJOY & Limitless Mod

The main work for blowing spirals is performed by two wide slots in the lower part of the body. They should be quite enough for this dripki, but engineers have provided 12 more small holes in the upper part of the body. I do not know about you, but this option seems to me useless 🙁

Limitless 24 by IJOY & Limitless Mod

The manufacturer offers the user an additional top cap, for which, of course, you need to pay extra. It differs in a smaller number of holes in the upper part (4 versus 12), with an increased diameter (25 versus 24), and as I said before, a hinged lid.

To be honest, I’m sure that most buyers would prefer to see this option as the main one, but the manufacturer thinks differently

Limitless 24 by IJOY & Limitless Mod

I think that LimitlessThey wanted to make a drip for “bulk” – this is obvious. Judging by the reviews that already have, the guys did it. But unfortunately, in pursuit of clouds, they completely forgot about the taste component, it seems that even the taste windings will not help. The average price of the device is higher than what competitors are asking for. And this is taking into account the fact that there is no second top cap in the set. Well, what did you want? Almost “” MADE IN USA “!

Now It’s Available :

Ijoy Limitless 24 RDA Tank

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