In-depth Kanger Spider 200W Mod Kit Review

In-depth Kanger Spider Box Mod Kit Review

KangerTech has been pretty quiet in the marketplace for a little while, unlike their main competitors who seem to be releasing new units on a monthly basis trying to achieve the best vape mod. But now they are back with the release of a new box mod kit known as the Kanger Spider Kit, featuring a 200W Mod powered by an internal 4200mAh battery. The question though, is this mod kit better than the others, or is it one to simply forget about? In this Kanger Spider kit review, we will find out!

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The Spider kit comes with a carbon fiber look and if you like triangles, then this mod is for you! It’s covered in them, I guess this is to represent a spider web of some description! It also comes in a number of colors; black, red, green, blue and teal. Colors available of the Kanger Spider 200W mod kitI guess the design is based on their Kanger dripbox 160 but is a little on the larger size, for good reason, it holds an internal 4200 mah battery which is recharged using the USB port located on the back of the mod. Speaking of the back, KangerTech has tried to incorporate a non-slip surface which features a pimple effect, it looks ok but not as cool as the carbon fiber look on the rest of the mod!

The firing button on the front is huge, and you’ve guessed it, a triangle! Again has this pimple texture so it can be found without issue. The tank is actually housed in the center of the top, this is a bit unusual as most mods have the tank position on one side. This is actually a good idea, as you can use any tank with any diameter you like on this baby (well up to around 32mm), without any overhang!

You also have some venting holes on the bottom of the mod, to avoid the internal battery getting too hot.



The front holds 2 screens, both triangles again! The bottom screen is just a battery indicator which features 5 stripes, obviously the fewer stripes the less battery life. This is ok, but I personally prefer a percentage indicator, instead of having to memorize that 3 stipes means 60% etc!

The top screen is an OLED easy to read screen featuring all the basic info you need, like; wattage, resistance, voltage etc. similar to what you find on all of the best e cigs. Below the screen is a wheel to help you navigate through the menu and change the wattage of the mod. This is different and in our opinion a pain in the butt when changing the wattage, it can take some time!

To navigate to the menu section, it uses the standard 3 click activation. There you can change the power, coil type, and the ability to lock the wheel so you don’t accidentally change the wattage when carrying around.

The tank on the Kanger Spider kit

The Tank

On initial impressions, it looks like a pretty standard, top fill tank, but Kanger has introduced something a little clever to this tank. Let’s try to explain! The atomizer head that comes with this tank has 3 coils, within the atomizer are 3 connectors at the bottom and via the tank, you can select whether you want to use 1 coil, 2 coil or all 3 coils. When you change this, the mod also recognizes this change and will change the wattage accordingly, i.e. if you select 1 coil, the mod will change to 60W, 2 coils 120W and if all 3 coils are selected then the mod changes to 180W. Pretty cool huh! There are LEDs on the tank to show you how many


coils you have selected. Obviously changing the number of coils also changes the resistance.




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Not a bad tasting tank, creates some thick clouds and definitely worth considering. One thing we hated is using 3 coils on the tank adjusts the wattage to 180W which is a little too high for us, so to adjust down to around 100W you have to click the fire button to activate the screen, then start scrolling with this wheel for what seems to be a lifetime!
Side view of the Kanger Spider 200W Mod Kit
Ok, that out the way, the mod actually performs pretty well, at higher voltage we noticed a slow build up, instead of instant power, some may love or hate this. Granted, it’s not exactly the best e cig to quit smoking with but if you’ve tried a number of mods and fancy something a little different, then this mod kit might be for you.


To Conclude

A pretty cool looking mod, with a couple of new features like the ability to choose how many coils the tank fires is innovative stuff! The two main negatives we have is this wheel on the front that takes way too long when adjusting wattage and the internal batteries. Yes, we understand that the internal battery holds 4200 mAh which is huge, but we just prefer the ability to switch batteries and carry on vaping rather than waiting for the mod to charge!

Overall though a great mod kit at a really good price. This is a new kit only available on pre-order at the moment, but be sure to check out our Vaping Deals page as this and other mods are sure to be available at unbelievable bargain prices!

Now It’s Available :Kanger Spider 200W Kit with Five 6 Mini Tank

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