Itsuwa Trend Several-In-One Water tank Interview

In Excess Of What you know already

The Itsuwa Craze is such as Transformers of vaping fish tanks.That it is a clam shell atomizer that can change right bass speaker-ohm aquarium that uses replaceable coils right into a rebuildable container atomizer (RTA) into a rebuildable seeping atomizer (RDA).At SoCal Vape Meeting 2016, Vapey Kool (the item’s developer) CEO Samer Baligh provided me tons of particularly the Itsuwa Trend.Check out our chitchat higher than to explore this extremely versatile atomizer.


Much like the Transformers, the good benefit of the Itsuwa Fury is its versatility.While the Transformers are likely a little from God, the Itsuwa Wrath can be quite a benefit to particular sorts of vapers.For newbies, it includes the opportunity try about three different strategies of esmoking that level of cla of analysis is quite valuable to vapers which can be continue to trying to puzzle out what they have to delight in precisely what it shouldn’t.For more advanced to state-of-the-art vapers, there is their favored sort of vaping, with the simplicity of other forms to choose instead, if the have to have crop up.

Duringour chat, Baligh travelled around what sort of Itsuwa Rage vapes to use great shape.Younger crowd mention around the various kinds of exchangeable coil nailers obtainable for the reservoir.The curls go over anyone from overwhelming fog up chasers to oral cavity-to-respiratory vapers that appreciate centred flavour.

See the Itsuwa Craze video meet with above and let me know what you think with the fish tank.Have you been interested by its 3-in-1 usefulness? Or can you believe that a product that tries to be a few something else entirely simply cannot perhaps be a master at any one of them? Remember to discuss your (i hope not flaming) the thing it the Itsuwa Fury from the remarks part.

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