Innokin iSub Height Subwoofer Ohm Fish tank Assessment

Innokin iSub Freight factoring Launch

We take a look at Innokin’s most up-to-date iSub subscription ohm fish tank, the Height.The Innokin Height is really a leading satisfying sub-contract ohm reservoir that features their new Prism convection venting program.The oxygen stream brings air flow on the major in contrast to drawing surroundings with the underside.This really is seemingly designed strengthen quality and in addition minimize air leaks.


TheApex utilizes the same coil nailers as within the earlier iSub tanks.The Apex is constantly make use of the ‘No Spillage Coil nailers Exchange System’ that in some way satisfied us alternatively iSub dive bombs.This allows consumers to get and change the coils without significant falling.


A huge as a result of Innokin for supplying this fish tank for review!

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InnokiniSub Apex Technical specs boasting

Set Articles

Innokin iSub Top Package Articles

1x Best Subscription Ohm Reservoir

2 a .5 ohm rings

2 x Trickle Strategies (stainless steel and pyrex)

Different sacrifice ‘O’ engagement rings



Innokin iSub Top Taken apart

Value: all around Money30

Electricity consuming Assortment: .5ohm (20-35W)

Container Capacity: 3ml

Rings Accessible: 2.? , .5? and .2?

Wicking content: 100Pct Japan Pure Silk cotton

RBA: RBA out soon

Dimension: 22mm

Distinctive Feedback

Vaping the .5ohm Coil nailers

Innokin iSub Height .5 Ohm Coil nailers

20W – Trendy whispy vape

25W – Trendy vape with respectable watery vapor.Flavoring is without slightly

30W – A good cozy vape with pleasant plumes of heavy steam.I’m nonetheless picking out the essence somewhat silent

35W – My recommended electricity consuming.A great comfortable vape and large ambiance of vapor.The flavor was greater at 35W, nevertheless could not can rival a number of the best sub-contract ohm holding tanks.


TheApex vaped pretty quality when used on the Innokin Disrupter along with a 75Pct VG at the-veggie juice.We just didn’t get any dry strikes within the advised wattages, even when company esmoking.I recommend using the Top in between about 27W – 35W to achieve the most flavoring from your age-liquid.

Vapingthe .5ohm Coil nailers

Innokin iSub Top .5 Ohm Coil nailers

20W – Awesome whispy vape

25W – Awesome vape with good vapor.Essence is without slightly

30W – A nice comfortable vape with nice plumes of water.My business is continue to picking out the flavor a bit muted

35W – My desired electrical power.A pleasant comfortable vape and large confuses of watery vapor.The taste was superior at 35W, however did not can compare to a few of my personal favorite below ohm dive bombs.


TheFreight factoring vaped really strongly when applied to the Innokin Disrupter together with a 75% VG at the-juice.We do not get any dried traffic in the suggested wattages, even though archipelago vaping.An excellent opportunity while using Best among about 27W – 35W to obtain the most flavoring through the e-fluid.


Easyto Use Prime Pack

Innokin iSub Apex Top rated Populate

Acquiring researched several other difficult prime fill up methods much like the Triton and Good sense Cyclone, it absolutely was stimulating to get a genuinely simple to use leading complete with the Apex.It is just a case of turning the top available and filling the aquarium in the two pockets that appear on each side from the lid.The holes are adequately sized to not discharge any ourite-drink when re also-completing.Twist the very best back to finished and you’re simply best for vape.It is rather convenient to use and tends to make lso are-stuffing not difficult.We appreciated employing this major fill procedure.


The Prism convection method appears to be to complete the job around the Freight factoring.In the past, we now have had problems with air leaks with a few best populate sub ohm fish tanks plus it is apparently a continual matter.Air circulation from your best, has a tendency to support get rid of seeping with this subwoofer ohm aquarium.We didn’t have any hated leaking over the air flow divots!

No Discharge Coil Exchange System

Innokin iSub Pinnacle Straightforward Coil nailers Trade Method

The Innokin Pinnacle functions exactly the same rings for the reason that former iSub septic tanks and utilizes exactly the same no pour coils replace method.This performs nicely and creates changing circles incredibly easier than you are on other sub ohm septic tanks.It’s actually quite a good inconvenience-free of charge technique of swapping rings and I absolutely love by using element.

PrismConvection Technique

The Apex uses a slightly unique venting method to another below ohm dive bombs and Innokin calls it a prism convection method.Here’s a reason using their web page:

“Innokin’s superior new pattern, Prism Flavor+, raises flavors to have out your very best in your preferred eliquids.The patented Prism convection ventilation program appeals to fresh air over the dual, elevated, adjustable consumes, on to the warmed up outer area then back up throughout the vape rings, giving you greatest taste plus reducing leaking.The inner style of the iSub-Height Prism procedure further aims at and elevates your ejuice watery vapor, giving a great break open of quality with each and every vape.”

AsI talked about leaks had not been a problem and this is almost certainly right down to the brand new Prism convection technique applied to the Freight factoring.On the other hand, I did not actually spot the taste being much better than on the other Innokin iSub sub ohm fish tanks.

Convenient to use Major Complete

Innokin iSub Apex Leading Load

Acquiring analyzed several other complicated top pack solutions like the Triton and Feeling Cyclone, that it was fresh new to experience a really user friendly major fill up together with the Top.It’s just an instance of folding the most notable open and filling up the water tank throughout the two holes that display on each side of the lid.The openings are adequately sized never to discharge any elizabeth-juice when lso are-answering.Twist the very best here we are at closed down and you will be best for vape.It is quite simple to operate and makes re also-satisfying easy.Really loved by using this leading fill up procedure.


The Prism convection system feels for the job around the Apex.Earlier, we have experienced issues with water leaks with some best complete sub ohm aquariums and it also is very much a regular concern.The environment pass through the best, usually aid get rid of seeping about this subscription ohm water tank.We didn’t have got dreadful leaky over the venting gaps!

No Discharge Coil nailers Change Procedure

Innokin iSub Best Straightforward Coil nailers Substitute Technique

The Innokin Top utilizes exactly the same circles because earlier iSub dive bombs and functions a similar no drip coil change procedure.This operates nicely and makes changing curls less difficult than you are on other subwoofer ohm holding tanks.It really is a really pleasant headache-no cost way of trading i and coils also enjoy by using this characteristic.

PrismConvection System

The Top uses a somewhat unique venting method to another below ohm aquariums and Innokin phone calls it a prism convection system.At this point is a reason from their web-site:

“Innokin’s advanced new style, Prism Essence+, raises tastes to take your finest your selected eliquids.The branded Prism convection air circulation program draws in atmosphere over the twin, elevated, variable consumes, into the warmed up external area and after that copy over the vape curls, providing maximum flavour and even reducing leaks.The medial side style of the iSub-Apex Prism process additional centers and enhances your e juice water vapor, offering an exceptional rush of quality with every vape.”

AsI pointed out still dripping wet isn’t a difficulty and this is in all probability into the newest Prism convection method come with the Pinnacle.On the other hand, I didn’t actually notice the flavour to generally be much better than on the other Innokin iSub below ohm holding tanks.


3mlTank Capacity

Innokin iSub Pinnacle Plastic material Drip Rule

I was definitely upset with the 3ml tank ability.I’m sure the Height contains a truly user-friendly and uncomplicated major load process, however i might have nevertheless recommended a larger container.3ml is not when throwing out ambiance on people .5ohm coils heads.I feel 4-5ml ought to be the the bare minimum reservoir potential on the sub ohm water tank, as or you will just commit for hours on end actu-stuffing with ourite-juice.

Steaming of Wine glass

When vaping the Freight factoring the pyrex window on the inside of the aluminum housing fogs up.This makes it slightly challenging learn how significantly ourite-liquid you’ve got eventually left inside container.It is possible to wash it out the reservoir out after getting completed vaping and this will get rid of the condensation piled up for the goblet.


InnokiniSub Top

Practical goal the main admirer of how the Height reservoir seems.In my opinion it looks a bit bit unpleasant! If you are one of the people those who likes to obtain the whole aquarium an exceptionally extensive get rid of, then this Top is probably not to suit your needs.

3mlTank Potential

Innokin iSub Height Plastic Spill Suggestion

I was really frustrated with the 3ml aquarium volume.I do know the Apex carries a definitely simple to operate major complete procedure, even so could have continue to chosen a greater fish tank.3ml is nothing when chucking out environment on these .5ohm coils leads.I feel 4-5ml needs to be the minimal container total capacity with a sub ohm container, as or you just commit all day long re also-satisfying with age-juices.

Hot of A glass

When esmoking the Height the pyrex cup on the medial side the metal shell fogs up.It is then slightly tricky to observe a great deal age-fruit juice you may have kept while in the tank.You can rinse out the fish tank out after you have completed esmoking so now by eating eliminate the moisture build-up or condensation developed around the a glass.


InnokiniSub Best

I am not the main fan of ways the Apex aquarium appears to be.I believe it looks a bit little unattractive, i don’t mind regarding the looks of the aquarium so long as it vapes properly.However, I sensed interested to style my head regarding how it appears, as it’s actually some ugly duckling many people feel.

TheTank Just can’t be Absolutely Taken Apart

The Apex just can’t be thoroughly taken apart, which to me is not really an issue since you can even now rinse off it easily.However! I do not mind around the appears to be on the fish tank given that it vapes nicely.Nonetheless, I believed compelled to style my head regarding how it appears, as it is some unpleasant duckling in my view.

TheTank Simply cannot be Thoroughly Separated

The Pinnacle cannot be thoroughly disassembled, which in my opinion is certainly not actually a problem as you’re able nonetheless wash it out against each other effortlessly.Even so, you must of the people folks that wants to get the entire water tank a really extensive eliminate, then an Height will not be for you.


TheApex below ohm reservoir is certainly a strong subscription ohm water tank and vapes perfectly.It possesses a great actually simple to use prime pack technique that work well.Innokin’s Prism convection process presents wonderful fresh air and helps ensure the reservoir won’t drip.If you are fed up with leaks top rated populate sub-contract ohm aquariums, next the Pinnacle might be really worth an attempt! The “no drip an easy task to swap coil system”, we are widely used to on the unique iSubs, is another wonderful feature that individuals really enjoy employing.


Theflavor is actually comparatively respectable to the .5ohm coils head.It is not visiting blow your mind like the Top or TFV4, but this is fairly solid and provides a pleasant vape.The coils also does a great job of soaking greatest extent VG ourite-drinks.


The 3ml water tank volume may well be a little off of getting for some.

? I would suggest the Freight factoring for all those shopping to try out the world of sub ohm clearomizers initially.

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