iJoy Goodger Sub Ohm Aquarium Critique

iJoy Goodger Release

Once the Asian enterprise iJoy to start with proclaimed its secret “Taste Control” technological know-how in their Asolo 200 watt pack mod recently (2015), which iJoy believed was an great procedure for temperatures control that is going to help any sort of insert Or not merely Impeccable or Titanium, butKanthal and Nichrome, and Metal Or this company was approached with instant typical reactions by prints on many vaping online community posts that were pretty much entirely detrimental, jogging the gamut from shock by means of sarcasm, up to overall excoriation and insults.Since mod hadn’t been brought to sector during the time of the go to, this slamming carried on for a few months, till the Asolo mod was actually introduced.

Then,as assessments appeared with test files, the incredulity from the esmoking online community started give way, initially very carefully (for the reason that initially launch of the tastes Handle technologies was not nevertheless mastered or 100Per-cent perfect), lastly absolutely, as iJoy was mostly exonerated.Hell Yeah, their Taste Handle know-how basically performed perform, at least somewhat effectively, with just about any cord.

Sincethen, iJoy has become determined to enhance its program, that involves a chips that “learns” the sweet-spot selected by every vaper.After 2015, iJoy produced a much more compact type of the Asolo 200W mod — one-18650 75-watts common box referred to as the Solo Mini.The Flavor Control System because mod was more accurate and efficient in comparison to the main details reveals the Asolo.In addition, the Solo Small made available regular Heat Handle technology for dime, titanium, or stainless coils.The Flavor Management manner, nevertheless, will work for all kinds of twine, and i also really prefer it to Heat level Control, partially for the reason that Flavor Command “learns” the energy degree each and every vaper wants very best.Great.

iJoyGoodger Top rated Pack

Not long ago, iJoy proclaimed their new primary bass speaker-ohm aquarium, called the Goodger (bizarre brand, with uncertain pronunciation) using manufacturing area-made stainless coil leads by using a copyrighted venting method that transfers air flow from the top coil head down the attributes or higher by way of the base of the top to bottom coil.All at once, iJoy also introduced the all-in-1 Goodger Basic Starter Kit Or a substitute 80-watt One Small mod (making use of their secret Preference Command technologies) coupled with a Goodger Sub-Ohm Fish tank.

TheGoodger Water tank is the main topic of this review.Very good.Required months for getting right here, but this time I jump on while using evaluation.Since I’ve authored a separate article on the iJoy Goodger Core Kit, I’ll probably concentration listed here only to the Goodger Tank by itself.See the Starter Kit Assessment (web page link) to have information on the Solitary Small 80W mod along with the complete set up.

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iJoyGoodger Specifications featuring


View insulator

Convenient dropping and securing gasket for sealed prime part completing

4.5 cubic centimeters age-fluid capability

Anti –drip layout

Two leading circulation manage slots greatly adjustable

Delrin spill word of advice

Good quality stainless Pyrex and steel window construction

Two 316L Dure coils heads: .4 ohm (40-60W), .6 ohm (20-40W)

Found in Dark colored or steel

Measurements: 22.6mm fullness, 63.8mm peak

Notable Reviews

Look and feel boasting

iJoy Goodger Core Kit

In character, the Goodger is similar to quite a few bass speaker-ohm clearomizer aquariums.Measurements the tank across (22.6mm) and height (63.8mm) is approximately standard for your container with all the mentioned capacity to keep 4.5ml of electronic-water.I have faith that “stated” since i found the exact capacity to be closer to 4ml, and only 3.5ml for replacements (once the coils go has been nicely-condensed).

Twofeatures discern the Goodger from fighting sub-contract-ohm clearo tanks:

The first is design for its leading complete.Best filling is now standard amid fish tanks, just about an absolute necessity to be competitive in the ever more jampacked sector.The Goodger’s design employs leading satisfying on the area with the top top.A sleeve with top cap 35mm slides about expose a amenable position (oblong-designed, about 2ml by 6ml) for including age-the liquid.The video slot is designed to permit in e-liquid in the container although allowing for air to get away.Nevertheless simple and convenient to use, I felt like the position ought to be greater, given it can become short term obstructed by an excessive amount ourite-the liquid or bubbles.If you’re squeezing an age-fruit juice jar at these times, the liquid ceases stepping into the tank and splatters around the external.Unhealthy.Given that care is delivered to include age-the liquid gradually and slowly, this will never happen, but when it lets you do, cursing follows, in addition to clutter to scrub up.

The opposite unique element issilent and revolutionary, and efficient — iJoy’s complex “air stream framework know-how.”The kind of the coil nailers brains and top air flow intake direct fresh air from the top of the water tank about the inside edges on the round go, then up throughout the wide open core of the coil nailers.Outstanding.

Airintake is operated from the top of the fish tank by way of a turning engagement ring that insures two large 9.5mm surroundings pai gow poker.Adjusting is limitless, from 100 % available to 100 % closed down, as well as diamond ring features a wonderful grip although becoming very easy to change.Bring of the container could be various from wide-prepared to take totally constrained.Whilst not as ethereal as some fish tanks, I uncovered the minor opposition in the wide-available position for being satisfying.Like several sub-ohm tanks, the look powerfully favors primary-lungs esmoking rather than mouth-to-respiratory.


iJoy Goodger .6 SS316L Coil

Two coils mind are offered with the water tank.Just about every scalp homes a 316L stainless straight coil encompassed by natural cotton wicking.The .6 ohm scalp is with a rating of 20-40 n, although the .4 ohm coils deals with 20-60 n.Each brain use iJoy’s complex fresh air layout.

Ifound that both equally coil nailers could surpass their positioned power level effortlessly.The Goodger fish tank doesn’t have variable age-fruit juice circulation management, but both mind incredible wonderfully, under no circumstances coming a dried hit, even at wattages well across the scored highest possible.

NoRBA terrace happens to be designed for the Goodger Container, having said that i that is amazing odds are great for iJoy presenting 1 increasingly more, and a greater choice of manufacturing facility coils heads.


iJoyGoodger .4 and .6 SS316L Coils

Overall performance in the Goodger Water tank is on a componen with other related subwoofer-ohm clearo septic tanks.It’s not soil-enter your car frequently element, though the Goodger provides for a delicious and 100 % vaping knowledge, particularly when used in combination with iJoy’s private Flavour Control method, that is available on the By yourself Mini 80W mod.

Even though water manufacturing is enough, I believe how the Goodger is far more of taste reservoir over a cloud unit.

Myone gripe around the container is the coils brain helped to avalanche after filling up the tank.During primary instant or possibly even longer after a stock up, the minds gurgled, so i felt fruit juice within my jaws.That solved back to an ordinary vape after four or five brings.

While in the Goodger package is actually a tiny minute card that reads: “TIPS FOR Answering , To stop leaking problem, be sure to upside down the aquarium above 10 second just after ejuice (sic) answering.”More Chinglish.Clearly, iJoy appreciates problems.Their remedy for “leaking” improved the inundating and non permanent spitback.

Appearanceand Functions

iJoy Goodger Core Kit

In appearance, the Goodger is similar to numerous sub-ohm clearomizer septic tanks.Sized the reservoir across (22.6mm) and top (63.8mm) is about ordinary for just a tank using the reported ability to store 4.5ml of age-liquefied.I believe that “stated” because I identified this opportunity to be more detailed 4ml, for 3.5ml for replacements (once the coils brain has been perfectly-saturated).

Twofeatures discern the Goodger from competitive below-ohm clearo holding tanks:

An example may be designs for its top rated fill.Prime stuffing is becoming typical involving dive bombs, nearly required to compete in an more and more congested sector.The Goodger’s pattern uses major completing on the part on the best cover.A sleeved on the top cap photo slides up to expose a open slot machine game (elliptical-processed, about 2ml by 6ml) for adding electronic-fluid.The slot is supposed to enable in ourite-water on the water tank even though letting fresh air to leave.Though practical and convenient to use, I felt that the position needs to be broader, mainly because it can become non permanent impeded by an excessive amount of age-the liquid or pockets.When it can, cursing will track, in conjunction with clutter to clean up.

Additional identifying aspect isunseen and impressive, and efficient — iJoy’s trademarked “air stream construction technological know-how.”The variety of the coil nailers brain and top surroundings ingestion lead air flow from the top of the aquarium along the intrinsic edges in the round brain, then up throughout the amenable core of the coils.Great.

Airintake is operated from the top of the reservoir by way of a rotating wedding ring that insures two broad 9.5mm air flow pai gow poker.Modification is unlimited, from totally open to 100 % finished, as well as the engagement ring features a good grasp when staying an easy task to transform.Sketch on the fish tank is usually assorted from broad-ready to accept completely restrained.Although not as breezy as some septic tanks, I stumbled upon the minor opposition within the extensive-available position to be satisfying.Like every below-ohm septic tanks, the style passionately prefers immediate-respiratory esmoking in lieu of oral cavity-to-lungs.


iJoy Goodger .6 SS316L Coil nailers

Two coil leads are included with the reservoir.Each head residences a 316L metal straight coil nailers flanked by cotton drinking water removing.The .6 ohm mind is with a rating of 20-40 t, as you move the .4 ohm coils grips 20-60 w.Both equally mind use iJoy’s trademarked air movement style.

Ifound that each circles could go over their scored wattage effortlessly.The Goodger reservoir hasn’t got varied e-the liquid movement manage, but either leads evil attractively, certainly not coming a dry out attack, even at wattages well across the scored maximum.

NoRBA porch is now readily available for the Goodger Water tank, having said that i visualize that odds are perfect for iJoy offering 1 as time goes by, together with a broader selection of factory coil minds.


iJoyGoodger .4 and .6 SS316L Coil nailers

Effectiveness from the Goodger Reservoir is for a par for some other equivalent bass speaker-ohm clearo septic tanks.Discuss surface-enter your car sometimes dimension, nevertheless the Goodger provides a delicious and 100 % esmoking experience, especially when utilized on iJoy’s secret Tastes Control system, that’s on the Solo Small 80W mod.

Even though water vapor creation is a good amount of, I find myself how the Goodger is far more of quality fish tank than just a foriegn machine.

Myone gripe with regards to the aquarium is the fact that coil nailers brains were known to flooding right after refilling the fish tank.Throughout very first second or possibly even longer following a fill up, the mind gurgled, and that i endured fruit juice inside my lips.That corrected time for an ordinary vape following four to five forces.

From the Goodger deal is often a modest greeting card that visits, even though when you contracting an elizabeth-liquefied container at this point, fluid halts going into the aquarium and splatters about the outside the house.Not good.Provided that proper care is taken up to bring elizabeth-liquefied little by little, this won’t occur: “TIPS FOR Satisfying — To prevent leakage issue, you need to the wrong way up the container around 10 securities and exchange commission’s soon after ejuice (sic) satisfying.”More Chinglish.Obviously, iJoy appreciates a difficulty.Their remedy for “leaking” improved the water damage and short-lived spitback.

Would like

Convenientand simple leading load

Contra –flow layout

Superior flavour and vapor development

Fresh air process (decidedly varied)


Coil heads tend to overflow for a few seconds after completing the container

Prime populate video slot for at the-water need to be larger

RBA porch just isn’t integrated (it is an outside increase-on purchase)


The Goodger is iJoy’s new main container, supplanting the sooner Reaper and Reaper In addition.In the present style, with the two presented heads, I had squeeze Goodger in the heart of the rest.As a possible continuing software, iJoy could boost its performance and desirability over time with new mind and an RBA outdoor patio.

Fornow, nevertheless, the Goodger is merely yet another great tank from the significantly populated sector of bass speaker-ohm clearomizer aquariums and RTAs.

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