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Hotcig R150 IntroThe R150 is a 150 w, double-18650 pack mod from Oriental maker Hotcig. Hotcig also marketplaces mods applying Evolv’s DNA75 and DNA200 chips.

The R150 was made that has a secret heat range regulate chips that has just one really exclusive aspect: the processor chip is sealed and theoretically water-proof and the liquid-evidence. So far as I understand, this is the first. It’s hard to miss watertight scenarios just before, but no as well as processor.


Hotcig R150 Memorial

Hotcig R150 Specific features and FeaturesKit Content1 by Hotcig R150 150W Thread count Box Mod1 back button Manual in British and ChineseSpecificationsOutput: 1W-150WTemperature Variety: 300-600FOr100-300CCoils Reinforced: TiNi200SS316WPowerCoil UpgradableCoil very good adjustablesupport atomizer .1-3 ohmPowered by Parallel 18650 batteryMicro-Flash port and general 510 connectorAircraft Model light weight aluminum mix attached with abaloneShell as caseSize: 902 .551 .25mm

Significant RemarksPriceAs on the creating of your review (21 06 2016), the Hotcig R150 was completely new and inaccessible from any online United states providers. The truth is, I uncovered it for sale from a single China on-line retail price dealer for Money99.00, and uninteresting in stock there. So, Buck99.00 it’s essentially a pre-buy price tag. It is noteworthy expect the R150 to be available from You actually.Utes. vendors inside of a thirty days roughly.

Images and RemarksLet me amenable with judgments and reward.

I love the Hotcig R150. In fact, I enjoy it above any box mod I have forever reviewed for Vaping360 up to now. It is just not essentially the most advanced mod by far Or by way of example, the processor chip lacks the user-adaptable TCR for technical staffing , management. Neither is it probably the most ergonomic desk mod I’ve seen or employed. Truly, it is merely a oblong box with rounded 4 corners. So, why is it that I like it a great deal of?

In essence, the R150 believes stone-good. I don’t determine whether it’s genuinely built as being a water tank, but it really guaranteed feels as though that. The load is merely correct — enough heft to feel significant, however, not so large which the pounds is distracting. Design is only a straightforward common box, that convenience belongs to its attraction, although and. All the edges are properly round for it to be cozy to carry within an typical-sized hand. Practically nothing in the mod rattles or rattles, like battery packs, battery power doorways, and also the taking pictures/realignment keys. And that is the case with several box mods out there, but somehow the R150 thinks much better than most. Perhaps this is the smooth design, the place I just cannot experience any stitching.

Also, the R150 is included with completely removable front and back cells that does not only work as battery power opportunities, and also artistic changes. It I became mailed for critique were included with three teams of doorways, in abalone layer less than clear polymer, natural leather, and carbon fibre. Every fixed has two tough entrances with some magnetic field every single. The opportunities are removed easily but click in the human body pretty solidly. Each and every design increases the mod a unique seem. Hotcig offers supply quite a few entry models accessible for individual buy, and that’s a pleasant selection.

The frame on the R150’s instance includes jet-grade (T6) light weight aluminum metal and comes into play two blown surface finishes, often silver precious metal or dark. My review unit was dark-colored. Maybe we’ll certain A bit go as long as to call it “classy,Inches but I liked the dark-colored finish.

The R150 is additionally firmware can be upgraded through Hardware (simply for Computer systems, nonetheless Macintosh personal computer persons as i am must look for a PC end user to upgrade their equipment), and also the mod does beautifully. But a little more about that in a moment.

The bundled guide book, even though instructions of your Hotcig R150My judgments just isn’t about the mod in the least: I’ve seen user study materials from Oriental providers that are written in undesirable “Chinglish,Inches nevertheless the R150 information is amongst the most detrimental I’m able to recognition. This is a mysterious with me why Far east businesses do not employ someone who echoes and is currently writing superior Uk.

Not just is the manual’s Uk silly, but it’s terse and valuable small facts and information above and over a month . guidelines. For example, besides Penny, Titanium, and 316 metal insert, a fourth technical staffing , manage setting up is named “Ww”. This explained — away from the guidebook, neither of them around the Hotcig business site, nor in other regions I possibly could uncover on-line,. That is thin air. Is the correct let’s find out at some point what that is definitely, but, to date, not one person has a tendency to know.

I didn’t see something inside the guide about opposite battery safety, which might be a serious grievance in the event the R150 doesn’t have it, as a final point. I did not insert the battery packs inappropriately to determine, on the other hand.

Curiously, as the nick is advertised as “waterproof” and Hotcig corporation movies on-line exhibit the mod currently being run with all the chips removed from the case and submerged in drinking water, the manual declares:

This supplement is following a chips with waterproof perform, but it won’t show that this product is waterproof. If any the liquid enter (sic) in the merchandise on the slot machines or USB dock, you need to end utilizing it quickly and call with the nearby accepted dealer of R150.

Maybe which means not to ever submerge the entire instance. Frequently that or Hotcig is under legal standing masking their bums against legal actions.

PerformanceMenu direction-finding quit a lot to get ideal. An executive geek may possibly love it, but a regular particular person will have trouble. The mix and succession of control key squeezes was complicated, confusing, and hard that i can get right with any steadiness. After occasions of esmoking the R150, I even now could not expert the sequences anytime. If I was accomplishing a problem or when the chip in my exam mod was substandard, i never have get the opposition locking mechanism to show on, and i also nevertheless have no idea.

Also, the quick scrolling pace was way, excessively rapidly. When having about the up or down control keys to alter electricity consuming or heat range, the earliest three seconds of modifications ended up modest, but all of a sudden that stride ramped as much as lightspeed that has been wholly unmanageable. C’mon persons, it is nick development 101. It is absolutely needless and only ordinary sloppy operate.. Although, and with every little thing established because i wanted it, the exact esmoking knowledge was flawless, as soon as prior those people irritating hurtles.

I screened the R150 in direct power level style plus TC mode for the two metal and penny. I do not use Titanium or Dime line, on the other hand have any manufacturer Dime coils brain for your Freemax Starre, so we could check the vape excellent in Nickel with those. The R150 passed in every methods with hovering colors.

Taking pictures was immediate, with no delay at all, as well as the watts looked like precise for me. The lack of consumer-adjustable TCR principles is actually a package-buster for a lot of state-of-the-art vapers, because that choice is quickly becoming common for technical staffing , control french fries. I’ll give Hotcig a complete with the omission, however, because the atomizer’s calculated amount of resistance might be modified. Also, operation in Temperature Regulate while using repaired presets was pretty enjoyable, well, i thought no reason to use customized TCR prices.

The 510 plug has sleek metal discussions along with a springy rare metal-coated constructive pin. Many of the atomizers and septic tanks I could attached beautifully purge. The battery pack snowmobile isn’t hard but extremely fresh, as they are all the central style. Power packs is usually Universal series bus-billed, but trading them out is quick and simple. The computer screen is dazzling and very clear.

The processor per se must be extremely productive, for life cycle of battery was better than you are on most combined-18650 mods. That amazed me.

PriceAs on the crafting of this evaluation (21 May 2016), the Hotcig R150 was fresh and unavailable on the on-line National sellers. The fact is, I ran across it on sale from simply a simple Asian on-line retail seller for Dollar99.00, and dull handy there. So, before-get selling price, Usd99.00 is largely a. A bit count on the R150 to be available from Ough.Utes. distributors in a month possibly even.

Perceptions and RemarksLet me open with both commend and critique.

I enjoy the Hotcig R150. The truth is, I prefer it greater than any container mod You will find reviewed for Vaping360 to this point. It’s just not one of the most superior mod hands down — in particular, the chips doesn’t have any end user-flexible TCR for temporary manage. Nor is it essentially the most ergonomic desk mod I’ve seen or applied. Seriously, it really is merely a block box with curved sides. So, so why do I prefer it so much?

Essentially, the R150 believes steel-reliable. I do not know whether this is actually designed such as a container, however it confident looks like that. The body weight is just proper — ample heft to think sizeable, and not so weighty the excess weight is drawing attention. And, however the shape merely simple box, that ease-of-use belongs to its lure. Many of the edges are properly curved making it at ease to hold within the ordinary-type of hands. Nothing at all while in the mod rattles or rattles, which includes power packs, battery pack gates, as well as shootingVersusmodification links. Mysteriously the R150 believes much better than most, although that is the case with numerous pack mods that you can buy. Most likely it is the graceful style and design, where by I simply cannot sense any stitches.

In addition aesthetic improvements, though furthermore, the R150 comes along with completely removable front and rear systems that doesn’t only be battery doors. The system I became sent for critique came with three sets of gates, in abalone layer less than obvious polymer-bonded, leather-based, and carbon fibre. Every single placed has two durable gates with a number of magnetic field every. The opportunities be removed conveniently but snap onto the physique extremely safely. Each individual type provides the mod some other appear. Hotcig intentions to supply several door models intended for different buy, and that’s a fantastic solution.

The frame on the R150’s scenario consists of airplanes-level (T6) metal combination and is available in two brushed finishes, possibly silver precious metal or dark colored. My review product was dark. Try to eke convinced I would go in terms of to call it “classy,Inches having said that i loved the black color complete.

The R150 is additionally firmware can be upgraded by means of Universal series bus (just for Laptops, nonetheless Mac consumers like me will need to locate a Laptop or computer user to enhance their equipment), and the mod executes beautifully. But more about that shortly.

Manual with the Hotcig R150My grievance is not really around the mod in the least, even so the provided guide: I have seen user guides from Chinese companies which are printed in awful “Chinglish,” though the R150 information is probably the worst type of I’ll call to mind. It’s actually a mystery to me why Chinese organizations really do not bring in help who talks and contributes articles very good British.

Not simply is definitely the manual’s English silly, but it’s actually terse and provides valuable little info further than the most basic information. As an example, in addition to Nickel, Titanium, and 316 steel cord, a 4th warmth handle location known as “Ww”. No place are these claims revealed , not in the manual, or to the Hotcig business web-site, none anywhere else I could truthfully obtain on the internet. Is the correct we are not learn gradually what that is, but, so far, no one may seem to know.

I didn’t see something inside the guidebook about alter power protection, which may well be a really serious complaints if the R150 does not have it, as a final point. I didn’t stick in the energy erroneously to learn, however.

Curiously, while the nick is publicized as “waterproof” and Hotcig organization video lessons online demonstrate the mod staying operated while using nick pulled from sunken and true in water, the handbook declares:

It doesn’t imply that this program is water-resistant, though this supplement is adopting a processor chip with water proof function. If any the liquid penetrate (sic) into the item through the slot machines or USB dock, be sure to stop working with it right away and phone with the local permitted vendor of R150.

I assume that means never to submerge the full situation. Sometimes that or Hotcig is by law covering up their abutt against law suits.

PerformanceMenu map-reading left considerably for being ideal. A normal man or woman will probably have trouble, even though an architectural nerd may possibly think its great. The mixture and succession of key engages waspuzzling and tricky, and difficult that i can get proper with any regularity. Even with events of esmoking the R150, I nonetheless can’t grasp the sequences anytime. If I was executing something wrong or maybe the chip in my analyze mod was bad, Irrrve never have get the weight fasten to convert on, so i nevertheless have no idea.

Also, the fast scrolling rate was way, excessively speedy. When keeping down the up or down control keys to change wattage or temp, the earliest several just a few seconds of changes were nominal, but instantly that rate ramped around lightspeed which had been completely unrestrainable. C’mon consumers, it is chips selection 101. That it is completely needless and merely plain sloppy operate.. The moment beyond these irritating hurtles, however, is actually everything placed once i needed it, your esmoking expertise was immaculate.

I analyzed the R150 in instantly power level setting plus in Thread count way of both chrome and penny steel. I don’t use Titanium or Impeccable insert, but I incorporate some manufacturer Nickel coil heads for the Freemax Starre, so I can look at the vape excellent in Nickel with those. The R150 passed in all ways with flying colorations.

Firing was instantaneous, without any postpone by any means, and the power level appeared genuine with me. The absence of person-flexible TCR principles can be quite a option-buster for a lot of leading-edge vapers, given that that choices fast-becoming common for warmth management potato chips. I will give Hotcig a complete for that omission, nonetheless, since atomizer’s measured weight may be tweaked. Also, operation in Temperatures Manage using the resolved presets was really enjoyable, therefore i experienced you should not utilize made to order TCR principles.

The 510 plug has smooth metal discussions along with a springy gold-plated beneficial personal identification number. Every one of the atomizers and holding tanks Incredibly more secured beautifully eliminate. Battery sled is not difficult but pretty clean, as is the complete interior style and design. Swapping them out is fast and simple, though power packs could be Flash-priced. The visual display unit is bright and distinct.

The chips alone need to be very productive, for the battery was much better compared to most twin-18650 mods. That amazed me.

VerdictI experience split with regards to the Hotcig R150 150W Thread count Package Mod. It is simultaneously negative and brilliant. About the plus section, I am incredibly drawn to the appear and feel in the mod. The not compulsory back and front systems are beautiful, nicely-built, and easy to improve. Esmoking operation is all I be expecting of any TC mod. Nevertheless, the managing manual is actually a laugh, i can’t stand recption menus nav and absurd fast scrolling swiftness.

Do the benefits outnumber the disadvantages? We will attempt positive. The only our minds prepared to take some individuals despite theirproblems and failings, and fallibilities, so I’ll probably offer the R150 a good suggestions notwithstanding my criticisms: I love this mod.

Whomever was responsible for coding the R150’s chips needs to be dismissed from your job promptly, even though i should also insist that you makers at Hotcig ought to get an increase for carrying out terrific get the job done.


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